How We Can Help

Our mission at PAC is helping good people do good things in this world while creating success and wealth that benefits the entrepreneur, their family, their employees, and their community.

As the founder and CEO of multiple start-ups, most of which have had successful exits, and as an investor and partner in many other profitable businesses, Greg has learned that being a successful entrepreneur is a two-part equation:

1] The continual, personal growth of the founder is a key factor in achieving one half of the success equation. Very rarely does a business grow faster than the capabilities of its founder.

2] The second half of an entrepreneur’s success equation depends on putting the proper programs in place, and making sure they are managed by competent people. This applies no matter what the business or industry.

Fulfill both halves of the equation, and you’ll gain a synergy that will lead you toward achieving success.

We work with entrepreneurs, helping to:

  1. Grow your business
  2. Achieve work life balance
  3. Better yourself, the people around you and the world you live in

The consulting process typically is comprised of three phases and typically takes 10 to 12 months to complete.

Phase 1

  • Purpose is to be able to fully understand your business history and current state
  • Takes about 2 months
  • Comprised of weekly one-hour meetings or calls

Phase 2

  • Purpose is to create a three-year plan to get the business and yourself to the desired place that you envision
  • Takes about two months
  • Comprised of about 5 hours per week
  • Plan may include (sample list – your list might differ):
    • Transitioning current biz into new model
    • Building air-tight functionality:
      • Solidify target client market and plan to reach this market
      • Branding, marketing, website, and sales effort needed
      • Recruiting and onboarding appropriate staff to meet your goals
      • Employee management
      • Operational and financial consistency, and discipline
  • Regular meetings with you on personal development areas

Phase 3

  • Purpose is to implement the plan that was created in Phase 2
  • Takes about 6 to 8 months
  • Compromised of about 10 hours per week in helping to successfully implement the new plan
  • Regular meetings with you on personal development areas